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HIV i-base

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0808 800 6013

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Day Opening
Monday 12:00 - 16:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 12:00 - 16:00

Has Information for :- LGBTQIA+

HIV i-base

HIV i-Base is a treatment activist group. We are committed to providing timely and up to date information about HIV treatment to HIV positive people and to health care professionals. This includes technical and non-technical publications (all also available online, many in other languages) and a Q&A service (by phone, email and online). We also work with the UK-CAB Steering Group to support this network of over 700 activists in the UK.

All resources are produced by and with the involvement of HIV positive people and are reviewed by a medical advisory group.
All resources, including treatment guides and the website, have been reviewed by both medical advisors and people living with HIV. Medical consultants are listed separately for each publication.
We believe that every HIV positive person should be able to be as actively involved in their own care as they want to be, including in making decisions about treatment.
i-Base was formed in April 2000 by the former publications, editorial and meetings team from the AIDS Treatment Project, London.

We answer questions

i-Base can answer any question about HIV treatment. If we don’t know the answer we will research it. And if there is no clear answer we will tell you. We do NOT answer questions about HIV TESTING or about RISKS OF CATCHING HIV

Ask your question online

Over 3000 questions are already answered online. These are organised into over 30 categories.

Posting comment online

Most questions that are answered online include the option to post comments. This is a chance to give your own perspective and experience. It is a chance to develop an interactive discussion.


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