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ReHab 4 Addiction Bristol

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0800 140 4690

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Monday 24/7
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Has Information for :- LGBTQIA+

ReHab 4 Addiction Bristol

Are you a Bristol resident suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction? Are you fed up with the lack of Residential treatment options in Bristol

Bristol is home to some of the UK’s best private rehabilitation centres. When you choose to receive treatment in a residential setting you receive 24/7 medical attention. This attention is offered by a team of dedicated medical workers. Withdrawal symptoms are reduced using state-of-the-art medical techniques. Patients are prescribed drugs designed specifically to reduce otherwise painful and discomforting withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms treated
A list of common withdrawal symptoms patients may suffer from during detoxification include:


Fortunately Bristol rehab centres offer 24/7 medical attention during this testing time.

Programme length

The duration of our programmes depends on addiction severity and the drug or behaviour concerned. For instance heroin requires a longer detoxification period than ecstasy. Drugs causing physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms require longer detoxification periods than drugs with only psychologically related withdrawal symptoms.


Programmes typically run for around four weeks. We offer nine day ‘rapid detox’ programmes as well as 90 day programmes. Long term programmes are required to treat psychological aspects of addiction. Longer rehabilitation programmes are recommended where patients attempted rehabilitation unsuccessfully in the past.

Addictions we treat

We offer rehabilitation programmes for a number of addictions. This includes substance and behavioural-based addiction. A list of drug and alcohol addictions we treat include: Alcohol Heroin Cannabis Cocaine Ketamine Crystal meth Crack cocaine Sleeping pills Painkillers Amphetamine Methadone Mephadrone GHB Ecstasy A list of behaviour addictions we treat includes: Eating disorders Gambling Sex Depression Porn


A colleague of mine Oliver Clark who runs a free helpline for people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction has just written a blog post titled A Guide to ADHD and Addiction. and he wrote it to raise awareness about the risk of addiction for people living with ADHD Follow this link A Guide to ADHD and Addiction

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