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Victim Support

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0300 30 31 982

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Monday 24/7
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Has Information for :- LGBTQIA+

Victim Support

The All Wales Hate Crime Criminal Justice Board are seeking a single mechanism and process for ensuring victims receive support and can report hate; therefore our services are promoted locally and Regional Equality Groups and Organisations are working with us to provide victim services without over-burdening or confusing victims.

Our locally based Victim Care Unit will make contact with Victims who have been referred to us within 48 hours of the crime or incident being reported, and we will conduct a needs assessment with the victim to identify what support is required. Support services are allocated to a member of staff within 72 hours of the needs assessment being completed to arrange with the victim how they would like support to be delivered (e.g. face to face or over the phone).

What is a Hate crime / Incident?

Quite simply, if because of your age, disability, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, gender (including gender identity) or lifestyle choice (e.g. Goth) someone or a group of people targets you, commit a crime against you, bullies you or harasses you, then this is a hate crime or hate incident.

Types Of Hate crime / Incident:-

Verbal abuse
Offensive graffiti
Threatening behaviour
Damage to property
Cyber bullying
Abusive texts, emails or phone calls
Taking money from you.

Why report a hate crime / incident?

Reporting these issues helps us and other organisations track the extent of the problem in YOUR local area and do the right things to make YOUR community safer, a better place to live and make sure the right support is available. The right support means we can stop victims feeling isolated, depressed, frightened, distressed or even worse taking their own life.


Victim Support has been commissioned by the Welsh Government as the Official National Hate Crime Report and Support Centre for Wales.

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